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Love this quiet side of town. 
#cityliving #Melbourne  (at Spring Street Grocer)
A Nepalese affair (yuuuuuuummmmmm). Was a little spicy but enjoyed the adventure. This is a tucked away kopitiam style restaurant. Tasted like Chinese food with a tiny Indian touch! Apparently “momo” is dumpling and “waiwai” is mamee. “Choiwmien” is the same fried noodle as we know it. 

#Nepalese #nepal #momo  (at Momo Station ” Taste of Nepal”)
Saturday night with the beautiful Brazilians. (at Spice Market Bar Lounge Mezze)
at Langham Hotel Melbourne
Life’s a twist. 

#mh17 #aids  (at Melbourne City, VIC)
I walk past this bridge everyday. You’ll see the AIDS sign & its deco. Few days later it was piled up with flowers. Life’s a twist. 

#mh17 #aids (at Melbourne City, VIC)
I’m in love. 

3 a.m. on a Saturday night. Thanks for training me Rif! 

#practisemakesperfect #waitressing #waitering   (at 88 Southbank Bvd)
My sister @christhorbelle sent me the Maslow’s hierarchy. I found an illustrated sub. 

#survival #psych101 #itmakessense #basicneeds
We’ve got to thank these guys. (at Southbank, Victoria, Australia)